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To always put the student’s needs and development first within our schools and to leave all political aspects of martial arts outside.

Sensei Eddie Byrne, 6th Degree Black Belt is the Chief Instructor and President of Kombat Martial Arts Group (K-MAG). Eddie Byrne has practiced and achieved certified degree grades within multiple martial arts. He is assisted by the Club Instructors Sensei Catriona Byrne and Sensei Michael Byrne and also our assistant instructors that are a valued assistance in each of our clubs. K-MAG’s instructors have competed and succeeded at the highest level at both National and International level and so have first hand experience of the highs and lows that competition brings.

K-MAG, like its name sake strives to focus on the combat element of martial arts with a strong emphasis on street kombat, physical fitness and sparring. A fit healthy body encourages a fit healthy mind and K-MAG strongly believes that all students regardless of age that train within our school will develop the courage and self belief needed to overcome the many trials that everyday life brings. This combined with the Do side of our group is what makes K-MAG different from other martial arts schools.

Within K-MAG we teach Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Street and Knife Combat. We also have a specific syllabus (Kombat Tots) which is aimed specifically at the tots age group.

Our teaching methods are of a modern day approach. All our children’s classes are divided by age and/or ability with an element of fun to encourage our younger students to enjoy themselves within a structured martial arts environment. Each child can develop confidence and social skills in our friendly club environment. We also encourage our students to work as a team and support each other in their development to reach their own goals within whichever art they have chosen. Every student regardless of age within our school is given the opportunity to develop to their full potential and progress at their own pace. Within K-MAG the student comes first and all students are given an equal opportunity to succeed.

K-MAG teaches modern dynamic martial arts and all our instructors work hard to maintain a vibrant and energetic environment within the schools in order to nurture its students in their martial arts development.

The competitive side of our schools is strong and continues to grow. K-MAG prides itself on bringing its training methods and development to new levels to enable us to participate on the Open Tournament Circuit. K-MAG is dedicated to competing within competitions that are of a high standard and that will challenge our students on an ongoing basis and assist them in any way possible along their martial arts journey.

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